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Automated Political Calls
Why Use Automated Political Calls?

Automated calls provide the opportunity to:
  1. send a personalized message to an entire district or to any target within the district;
  2. complete a message delivery in the shortest period of time, with the fastest turnaround;
  3. conserve campaign resources with the most economical rate per contact;
  4. deliver the highest percentage of message rate of success when compared to all other methods;
  5. automated calls have a lower cost per contact than any other form of communication.

Think about it... it will take 10 dedicated volunteers one hour to contact and deliver 200 messages 30 seconds long. At this rate, it will take 500 person hours to complete a delivery to a district of 10,000 voters. With our equipment, the same message can be recorded, programmed for automated delivery, and delivered to a target group of voters within 30 minutes.

Automated Calling Works!

Features include:
  • Free set-up
  • Free, convenient message recording
  • Professional Voice Recordings (if required)
  • Accurate Billing - rates for connections only
  • Real Time Statistics
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Polling and Surveying Capabilities
  • Campaign Support from our Robo Call professionals.

How To Get Started?
  1. Ask an AmeriCan GOTV RoboCalls representative to reserve your dial dates;
  2. Provide billing & payment information;
  3. Provide your dial data or make arrangements for the purchase of targeted district voter phone numbers from AmeriCan GOTV Voter Lists;
  4. Record your message on our phone message system over a toll free connection.
AmeriCan GOTV RoboCalls will manage the balance, keep you informed, and provide you with real time results in a detailed report on the success rate of your call.

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