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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a RoboCall (or robo-call) ?
A Robocall (or robo-call) is a pre-recorded message usually 30 - 60 seconds in length. The message is coupled with a list of telephone numbers, programmed with voice broadcast technology to simultaneously send out that message to hundreds of people every minute. The message is recorded using sophisticated technology similar to that which you would use to record a voicemail message on your telephone.

What is the connect rate?
The connect rate is how many people actually picked up the phone or had their answering machine capture your message. That determines how many people actually listened to your message. The single biggest factor is the quality of your list of phone numbers.

A personally managed data list (such as an organization member list) will have an average connect rate of 89%. Lists from a qualified data provider such as AmeriCan GOTV Voter Lists will have an average connect rate of 78%, with a variance dependent on the district itself. Voter registration lists from the Registrar of Voters will average less than 70% connect rate, but the accuracy of names on these lists will likely be less than 65%. Lists taken from telephone directories have an average connect rate of 82%, but the accuracy of names is only 65 - 68%.

Does AmeriCan GOTV RoboCalls supply dial lists?
Yes, AmeriCan GOTV Robo Calls is a division of AmeriCan GOTV Enterprises, LLC. A sister division is AmeriCan GOTV Registered Voter Lists, which manages enhanced voter data for most districts throughout the US.

What about the "Do Not Call" list?
Voice broadcasting is still legal under US federal law and in most states for political organizations, labor unions, and other non-profits. Regardless, dials can be targeted to all or the "Do Not Call" list can be cross-referenced to silence calls to this group.

Is sound quality a factor in my message?
The industry norm for a RoboCall is between 8 and 11 kbps (kilobytes per second). At AmeriCan GOTV RoboCalls, we provide superior sound quality. You will have the opportunity to experience the quality first hand when you playback your recorded message on our recording system.

What about answering machines?
Completed calls made between 9 AM and 5 PM typically run 45% live and 55% voice mail/answering machine. Completed calls made between 5 PM and 9 PM typically run 63% live and 37% voice mail/answering machine.

What is the cost?
Prices are negotiable based upon several variables, such as the size of the call order, cost of obtaining lists, special handling, rush requirements, and timing within an election cycle. Cost per contact runs well below that of direct mail. Speak to a RoboCall representative to get an accurate quote on your dialing needs.  Combine the purchase of dial data with automated dialing to get the very best rate.

What about turnaround time?
Automated telephone technology is capable of the swiftest turnaround in disseminating a campaign message of all the available mass media.

Do people complain about being bothered by automated calls?
This is a common question from potential clients who are unfamiliar with this technology. Complaints have been very minimal. People are inclined to listen to a 30 second message if the caller identifies as the candidate or as a celebrity. People are typically less irritated by this technology than by live calling, since the interruption in their lives is very brief and does not involve having to end an unwelcome conversation with a sales person.

What about confidentiality?
We adhere to strict client confidentiality, and will handle only one client in a given political race.

What are legal calling times? Best calling times?
In most states you can call from 8am to 9pm. We would suggest your calling times be from 9am to 7pm.

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